Flexible Music Services


What We Provide

Music Stream - Professionally curated licensed music through commercial-free channel streams, available at your fingertips. We'll provide the online player. No hardware required, just click-and-play. Available worldwide and easily accessible via PC, MAC, and on all mobile devices.   

Offline - Internet free solutions with the Musicfitters app. This allows you to download the songs in batches or pick and choose then add to a playlist. Play without internet access! 

Storetunes - Play continuous pre-programmed music offline. Ask us today! 

Events - We'll take care of the music at Receptions, Conventions, Expos, Assemblies, and Fashion Shows.  

Telephone Music On Hold - Need to communicate to the public by telecommunication musical works over a telephone? We can help!

Video Board

Combine images, videos and music!

Music Library


For over 15 years, we have built our library to a million songs strong, and growing. We boast of high quality radio edits, suitable for public broadcast. You won't have to worry about explicit lyrics again.  

Currently, we are adding more thanks to our partnership with different music groups. This ensures that the latest releases will continually be heard in stores.

Our music repository features: Top 40, Adult Album Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Hot Adult Contemporary,  Smooth Adult Contemporary, and Greatest Hits of the '70s to the 2000s. 

Other notable genres we offer include: Classic Alternative, Classic Rock, Acoustic Pop, Dance, Classical, New Age, and Local (Non-English.) 

Choose the genre or we can make recommendations based on your market demographics. Looking for a different genre? We'll help you create it. Ask us today at busdev@musicfitters.com


Music Programming

Music Clock

We categorize and schedule songs using the finest music scheduling software. This promotes consistency throughout, ensuring a balance of familiar and fresh. It also allows us to easily determine the perfect spots to insert your In-Store promotions.  


Socan and Ascap Certified

We Have You Covered! *Using our services means your licenses and fees are taken care of.   

*North America only.